About Tortola

Tortola, British Virgin Islands (BVI) is the largest and most populated of the BVI chain, with a population of just over 30,000 people and is 21.5 sq. miles. The island is renowned for its lush greenery, crystal clear waters, and friendly locals making it a popular tourism destination. Visitors are always enchanted by the stunning beaches which are heaven for sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling.

Tortola translated means the Turtle Dove, which is also our national bird. The highest mountain is called Sage Mountain. It's also a National Park that showcases characteristics of a rainforest at its highest peak of 1,716 feet. Tortola has numerous white sand beaches such as Cane Garden Bay, Smugglers Cove, Long Bay and Brewers Bay to name a few.

What to expect

If you are looking for a tropical getaway with a laid-back atmosphere, Tortola is the perfect setting. The island is responsive to diverse activities, including hiking, sailing, fishing, and island hopping. For an ultimate adventure, you can rent a car and explore the surrounding area or hop aboard an excursion to the beautiful beaches of Tortola and visit the beach bars, don't forget to order a "Painkiller” cocktail.

There are many engaging cultural experiences on the island, with a living heritage of Creole cuisine, calypso music, and carnival-style celebrations. The main town, Road Town, is an authentic BVI experience, with colorful shops, lively restaurants, and historic buildings. Visitors can take in the landmarks such as the old buildings like; police station, jail, post office, and others.

Don't miss out

Overall, a Tortola excursion is an unforgettable experience, filled with picturesque views, adventure, exploration and flavors. Visiting Tortola will give you a taste of paradise, and leave you with numerous memories. A stress-free vacation with a perfect blend of adventure, culture, and relaxation. Whether you seek peace and quiet or an active adventure, this island paradise is a great choice. With friendly locals and stunning landscapes, a visit to Tortola, BVI, can be a lifetime experience.

I had a fantastic time visiting this island and if you are wondering how our day in Tortola was, here are some details about our excursion.

The thought of visiting the British Virgin Islands was enchanting to say the least. Being a nature lover, the prospect of seeing Tortola's pristine sandy beaches, turquoise waters and lush tropical areas was nothing short of exhilarating.

We started our excursion with a visit to Cane Garden Bay, a beautiful shoreline that seemed to stretch as far as the eye could see. The sun was shining, the air was fresh and the water so clear you could see your own reflection. We spent several hours sunbathing, swimming and indulging in some of the local delicacies.

Our next stop was Sage Mountain National Park, one of the highest points in the BVI archipelago. We hiked along the trails, passing through dense vegetation and panoramic vistas of the coastline. The fragrance of flora and fauna made us feel rejuvenated and deeply immersed in nature.

Lunch was at a sea-side restaurant that offered fresh seafood caught locally, with a wide variety of drinks and desserts. The taste and quality of the food was unparalleled, matching the stunning view of the ocean.

We ended our day with a stop at the historic village of Road Town. Here, we enjoyed shopping for locally hand-crafted souvenirs and meeting friendly locals who shared their stories and knowledge of the island.

The entire excursion was an unforgettable experience, filled with picturesque views, adventure, exploration and flavour. Visiting Tortola gave us a taste of paradise, left us with numerous memories, and a longing to return to its unparalleled beauty.