About The Baths

The Baths on Virgin Gorda are one of the most popular tourist attractions in the British Virgin Islands. The granite boulders that lay scattered across the beaches are a natural geological wonder, forming small tidal pools, tunnels and natural grottoes.

Important: Care should be taken to check the flags provided by the BVI National Trust before entering the water, as there can be rough swells and occasionally jelly fish in these waters.

Getting to The Baths

Our driver will drop you right at the entrance to The Baths where you can purchase your entrance ticket from the National Parks Kiosk. At the entrance to the trail you will also find the popular "Top of The Baths" eatery, which is a good place to get any last-minute drinks or snacks before making the trek down to The Baths.

To get to The Baths follow the signposted scenic trail which winds its way down almost 1,000 feet. The trail comprises of a desert-like path along with man-made steps and should take around 15 minutes depending on how agile you are.

Exploring The Baths

Aside from the swimming and snorkelling, exploring The Baths is a real adventure. There are so many small caves and grottoes it is unlikely you will be able to get to see all The Baths has to offer in one trip. As well as the hundreds of boulders and pristine beaches, there are numerous small trails to investigate.

On the beach you will find washrooms along with lockers which can be used to store any items while you explore or visit the scenic Devil's Bay (see below).

Devil's Bay

A short hike of around 10 minutes from The Baths is the incredible sandy expanse of Devil's Bay, which is reachable via a beautiful trail woven in-between the massive boulders. The trail can be found to the south of The Baths and although it is quite physical it is well worth the effort. Once you arrive, Devil's bay offers not only picturesque views but also superb snorkelling and swimming, allowing visitors to view the incredible range of fish and other sea life that inhabit the crystal clear waters.

Devil's Bay is also accessible from the Top of The Baths entrance, just look for the signposted trail which will be on your left.

Copper Mine

One of the other popular attractions on the island of Virgin Gorda is the old 19th-century Copper Mine. These ruins are one of the most historical locations in the British Virgin Islands and attract many visitors throughout the year.

Although rumours of the Spanish being the first to dig shafts and mine copper, no documentary evidence has been found to support the claim.The first documented settlement was created by the Dutch.

The copper mine was constructed in 1837 after the British Virgin Islands came under British control. The first shaft is said to have been dug shortly after in 1838 until the mine was abandoned in 1862.

The Copper Mine is a protected BVI National park.

Spring Bay

Spring Bay is another beautiful and tranquil location nestled on Virgin Gorda, with similarities of The Baths.

Spring Bay boulders are unique as they appear to look as someone has taken and ice cream scoop and taken some perfectly circled sections out of them its amazing, the holes actually help you climb and explore these wonders and you also can use these little pockets as seats.

Spring Bay is the uninhabited version of The Popular Baths unspoiled and untouched. Picnic's are a must with family and friends as you have access to tables and a grill to prepare your lunch in paradise. There are also trails to follow which lead to secluded sandy beach pools. Trunk Bay is also neighboring beach that you can explore there is lots to do.

​Spring Bay is a protected BVI National Park.